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Show Name: Anookhai Malumaat
Afshana Qadri
Afshana Qadri is a versatile RJ at Radio Udaan where she hosts the show "Anokhai maloomat" every Saturday at 7:00 p.m. and Sunday at 2:00 p.m. She aims to bring new, unique,varied knowledge and information pertaining to various fields so as to enrich her audience with such beautiful and rare information.She also gives a musical touch to her show to add flavour to her show so as to entertain her audience. She is an aspiring person.She has done B.A. from Kashmir university, Masters in Political Science and B.Ed and is also preparing for various exams. Learning is her passion and to share knowledge with others is one of the motives of her life which she is betterly doing via her show.She is also a script writer. In her free time she enjoys painting,drawing, book reading,exploring new things,singing and gardening.She has an excellent hold on diction, pronunciation,communication.Her smooth deep voice and extraordinary voice modulation is phenomenal enough to force her listeners to listen her show again and again.She is very adept at engaging her audience.With her multifaceted personality, dedication,sincerity, love for communication and passion for sharing knowledge Afshana is sure to continue and serve the world of radio and broadcasting in coming years also.
#RJ Afshana