Udaan Idol Season 4

Once again, Radio Udaan is here with the 4th season of Udaan Idol. Our excitement sees no bounds when we experience our audience's love, participation and keenness. Initially, we never thought Udaan Idol would witness such a great response. Today, after three successful seasons, we are even more enthusiastic about taking it to the next level.


We conducted two seasons for adults and 1 for kids between the years 2018 to 2022, and they were phenomenal. Your constant love and our determination keep the spirit of the Udaan idol energetic and thrilling. As a result, this 4th season will be for all the adults who want to leave the jaws dropped by their melodious voices. Hurry up, if you are a citizen of India and between the ages of 17 to 40 years, deposit your entry today! The last date for entry submission is 30th November 2022!


An Inclusive competition 

All our previous Udaan Idol competitions were exclusively for persons with disabilities (PWDs). But this time, this will be an inclusive competition, and anyone with or without a disability can take part and win hearts!  


Registration Method 

You can register for Udaan Idol season 4 by clicking the link below:

Click here to register

 Once you fill in the required information, you must upload your recorded audio at the required segment on the page. Make sure your audio is in MP3 format and without any editing.


Exciting Cash Prizes for the Winners 

Participation in Udaan Idol will not just get you fame, name and recognition but exciting cash prizes too. The first, second and third place holders in the Competition will receive cash prizes of 51000, 31000 and 21000. There will also be other attractive prizes for winners!


The Mode of Competition 

The Udaan Idol audition round ( the preliminary stage) will depend on the number of entries. The future rounds will rely on selection of participants in the preliminary round. We will conduct the entire Competition online except for the final rounds of the program, which will be in offline mode. Final rounds will probably occur in the Radio Udaan Convention 2024. You will get detailed information as the show progresses.


Important Rules 

  • When you send audio for the audition round or preliminary stage, ensure that there is no editing or background music in the audio.
  • No editing should be there in the audio the selected participants send for the rest of the rounds during the preliminary stage.
  • After the preliminary stage, the use of background music will be mandatory in all the rounds. Please note the selected participants have to arrange the track, device etc., themselves to send their recording.
  • Udaan Idol competition will be based only on Hindi Bollywood music. The participants must send their entries for audition only with Bollywood songs. However, if the jury members wish, they can demand from any selected participant or all the participants to perform non-Bollywood songs.
  • Songs of any other language will not be accepted in the Competition.
  • The participants will be responsible for maintaining the quality of the recordings sent at all the stages/rounds of Udaan Idol. Note: if any participant is out of the Competition because of poor recording quality, they have to take charge of this. Radio Udaan will not be responsible for this.  
  • Radio Udaan Station will broadcast the entire Udaan Idol competition.

So, what are you still thinking about? Go ahead and submit your entry. Remember, the last date for entry submission is 30th November 2022! If you have any further queries or questions, visit our website:


You can also mail us at: radioudaan@gmail.com 

You can also contact us via phone:

  • Puneet Soni – 9780238512
  • Danish Mahajan- 9463668196

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