Testimonies by famous personalities

People who still find the difference between able/disable are illiterate, in fact you guys have done such wonderful things that one able person could just think of... Hats off

Politician Delhi Government

You guys are the real stars derived from the stones of Universe.

Former I P S Officer Indian Government

Radio Udaan has given a priceless gift to the community of visually impaired where they can easily communicate with the people around the world and put up their words with the hope that they get heard by the people with ability and could understand their feelings.

General secretary All India Confederation of the Blind

team of Radio is working like a pressure Cooker where people from every corner of the world have come together and burst like whistle that is been now heard by each and every individual through Radio Udaan.

Union Minister Government of India

You are all amazing, if given a little touch you can touch the heights of success is not impossible for you.

Chief Commissioner of PWD Indian Governments

Listening to your Radio we conclude that nothing is impossible in the world if you really have a passion to do something unimaginable.

Deputy Chief Minister Telangana Government