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Zareen Ansari
Zareen Ansari
Zareen Ansari is a versatile and talented individual who has made her mark in the fields of writing and voice over art. She has honed her skills through her experiences as a storyteller in Kuku FM, a content writer and voice artist for Early App and Leher App.
Zareen has a passion for the arts, with interests in reading books, writing poetries, listening to music and traveling. Her love for the written word is evident in her Hindi Edition Book, "Lafzon Ki Daastan, Hasratein", which showcases her creativity and imaginative storytelling.
As an accomplished voice over artist, Zareen has also been recognized for her acting abilities, playing the lead role in the short film "Avantika". Her dedication to her craft and her natural talent has made her a sought-after artist in her field.
With her passion, talent and hard work, Zareen Ansari is definitely a name to watch in the world of writing and voice over art.