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RJ Balanagendra


Name: Balanagendran D.
Age: 26.
Gender: Male.
Zodiac Sign: N.A.
Marital Status: Unmarried.
Languages Known: Tamil, English and Spanish.
Present City: Chennai.
State: Tamilnadu.
Country: India
Educational Qualification: Bachelors in Commerce.
Presently Working As: RJ of Radio Udaan


Strengths: I know my weakness that’s my strength.
Weakness: I won’t forget what happened in my life that’s my weakness.
Achievements: I have stayed on the path till getting what I want and I am doing the same that’s my achievement.
Futuristic Goals: want to become a Civil servant in Indian Administration.
Perception In Life: Life is unfair, so be fair to it.
Hobbies: Listening to music, novels, Thamizh Creative writing and many more.
RJ-ing style/speciality: Yet to explore.


Height: 5 foot 11.
Weight: 84 Kilograms.
Fashion: Simplicity.
Passions: Thamizh, Indian Administrative Service, Chess, Mathematics, Public Speech and many more.
I love: I love myself, my India, my Thamizh and almost everything except those I hate.
I hate: I hate Comparing one with others, religion and all sorts of discriminations.
Tag Line: Balanagendran “better than the best.”
Nature: Shoot first ask questions last kind of guy.
Favourite Quotation: “Pulikku vaalai iruppadhai vida elikku thalaiai iruppadhu mael.”
Humourous Moment Of Life: Joining as RJ at Radio Udaan.
Touching Moment Of Life: Difficult to choose one among many.


Post Mortem
World this week


A guy not borne with talents, but filled with courage to take up any task in life.


It is better to die by slapping across the face than to live by kissing the back. So never back down from any challenge put in front of you.


Email I.D.:
Mobile Number: 09841764629
Skype I.D.: balanagendran
Facebook Page: drop me an Email lets join.
Twitter: send me your ID via Email.