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Become an RJ

Interested to become a radio jockey of Radio Udaan? Then find the below-required items and fill in the details.

Note: Items which are specified with stars are mandatory.

Become RJ

  • 1. Jockies can use hindi, or english, or urdu or tri-lingual while hosting a show. 2. While hosting, the usage of diction must be decorous and should not disregard religion or any other social means. 3. Jockies must be in attendance with all the technical amenities I.E. with a software, songs and so forth in hand 10 minutes before their show. 4. Jockies must give prior notice of their absence 48 hours before their show via Sending an Email to with a subjectline (notice of absent. 5. while giving prior notice of absence, the Jockies must also be ready to submit their recorded so that it can be aired even at the time of their absence. 6. If the jockey is in a position of absence due to inevitable circumstances, they must inform to the athorities by any means possible. 7. Jockies must abstain from connecting to server except at the time of their show, Violation of this would result in appropriate action against the jockey and their internet protocol. 8. Jockies must refrain from sharing the details of any source of Radio Udaan outside. violation of this would result in termination of Jockeying and apt consequences under copyright violation.