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Minal Singhvi
Minal Singhvi is a dynamic individual who wears many hats. She works in the Deputy Commissioner's office while also serving as a Trustee of Udaan Empowerment Trust and serving as the Co-Founder and Director of Radio Udaan.
As a radio host, Minal is best known for her popular show "TechCity", where she shares her knowledge on technology and provides tutorials on how to use various smart devices with screen readers. With over 370 tutorials and more then 1500 shows under her belt, Minal is a seasoned radio host with a wealth of experience.
Minal has hosted several other popular shows over the years, including "Mrs. Confusion," a quiz show that tests listeners' knowledge with competitive questions and answers, and "Antakshri," where she quizzes listeners on Bollywood songs and dialogues.
In her show "Music of Maths", Minal and her co-host make math accessible and enjoyable for listeners by providing interesting clues and a unique approach to teaching the subject. In "Reasoning Classes," Minal and her co-host help listeners crack tough reasoning questions, such as blood relations, synonyms, series, time and work, and more.
In addition to her educational shows, Minal has also hosted several entertaining and interesting shows, such as "Mano Ya Na Mano" and "Bollywood Blast".
Aside from her professional pursuits, Minal is an avid reader, enjoys listening to music, traveling, and is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Her hard work and dedication have earned her numerous awards, including "Proud Woman of the Community," "Star of Humanity," and the "Neelum Khurshed Kanga Memorial Award".
Minal singhvi has also been a special guest on mothers day occasion on Vanita TV :