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Babuji Janakarajan
Babuji Janakarajan
Meet Babuji Janakarajan, a computer science engineer turned natural farmer. Babuji has had a successful career in the tech industry, working on systems that moved money globally. However, twelve years ago, he took a break from the corporate world and became a student of nature by setting up a farm to practice chemical-free farming. Today, he spends most of his time talking to trees and animals rather than people.
But, thanks to his new role as a radio host on Radio Udaan, Babuji now has a direct connection with listeners. He is a proponent of gift economy, producing enough to meet his own needs and gifting any excess to those in need. This approach has led to a beautiful cycle of giving and receiving.
Babuji is a pragmatist with an optimistic outlook on life. His motto is to do the best you can with what you have, and leave the rest to nature. He loves reading, listening to, and watching great programs in all genres and is fluent in English and Tamil, with basic knowledge of German and Hindi. In his free time, he writes on social media about various topics, spreading awareness and positivity.
Through his talk show on Radio Udaan, Babuji hopes to raise awareness about important issues and connect with listeners to find positive solutions. He believes that doing something positive is better than doing nothing and encourages listeners to stay tuned and stay blessed.