Radio Udaan

Radio Udaan is an online Disability Radio Station.   We can proudly say that we are the pioneering disability oriented station in the world. The station was started with an intention to create awareness about people with disabilities. There are thousands of platforms but hardly any of them give chance to people with disabilities to share their opinions, talk about the matters and come up with their queries. Since its invention in the year 2014, we have been catering shows related to different topics, genres, discussions, debates, fields, professions, passions and so on.  Our purpose behind this robust station is to become the voice of people with disabilities. Most of our team members are people with vision impairment and convey a message: “If we can, anyone can.” Our station is heard in more than 115 countries and we touch millions of lives. Our shows are interesting, innovating, interactive and most importantly informative!

National Conventions

Radio Udaan conduct a national convention every year in a different city. Our purpose behind this convention is to reach out to different cities and give people a chance to participate and interact with us face to face.  Our conventions are full of different activities like:

  • There are always debates and discussions on current issues, important matters and trending concerns related to inclusion and disability.
  • Prominent figures from disability field and well-known people give their presentation during the convention. These presentations are interactive by nature and the audience can ask questions.
  • Plays are an important part of our conventions. In every convention we have a play that is executed by Radio Udaan team. All the characters in the play are played by our Radio Udaan team. In this way we convey a powerful, revolutionary and influential impact on the audience. 
  • Without entertainment no program can be complete. It is the reason we always have music and dance segments. Everybody joins the floor and dance on the tune of music. Whoever wants to give their performance like songs, musical instruments, poetry or anything can freely do it during the convention.
  • Everyone has a child inside them and that is the reason we have games in conventions. We make sure that everyone in the take part in the games. The purpose is to have fun and spread enjoyment. Many people from the audience who are shy to come on stage comfortably and energetically take part in our group games. We ensure that nobody from the audience stay Excluded from the game segment. Exciting gifts and prizes are given to the winners as a token of love.

Our Radio Udaan conventions are one day long and are packed with variety of activities, events and segments.

Talent Hunt Shows

Many talent hunt shows are organized every year in the world but there is   hardly any stage that is specifically for people with disabilities. Having this thought in mind we started conducting a talent show every year. In this way the talent of people get recognized on our platform and they get acknowledged. Our talent programs are inclusively for disabled people and participants are given proper facilities and winners get rewarded generously. These talent shows get recorded so that people can listen to them and enjoy.

Matrimonial Meets

Radio Udaan has never ceased to expand its wings. It is the reason we include matrimonial meets in our projects. We make sure that we conduct matrimonial meets time to time so that people with disabilities can get a platform to interact with people looking for life partners.  The meets are usually one day long and people looking for partners attend the program with their families. Everyone gets a fair chance to give introduction about them. Hence we become a bridge between the individuals and their partners.

Apart from these matrimonial meets, our team is always dedicated to become source between the partners. People submit their matrimonial profiles with us and whenever we come across any suitable match; we inform the concerned person. In this way we help people in finding the right match for them. You can also submit your matrimonial profile with us. Click here to submit your matrimonial profile


Radio Udaan never underestimates the power of knowledge and learning. We always promote skills and learning. This is the reason we conduct workshops in different cities and suburbs from time to time.  In our workshops we teach and impart knowledge about:

  • How to operate computer and laptops with screen reader software
  • How to use smart phones and screen readers on phone.
  • Smart appliances like talking watch, talking weighing machine, talking microwaves, clothes identifiers and so on.

In this way people come to know about the smart devices, appliances and equipment. We not just tell them about these platforms and devices but also give them demos.

Online Training

Online training is one of the strongest tools we have in our tool box. With the help of online platforms like Skype, we teach people about different things. We guide them about:

  • Computer screen readers like JAWS, NVDA and so on.
  • Mobile screen readers like Talkback for Android and Voiceover for IOS platforms.
  • Computer applications and platforms like:
    • Dropbox (A sharing platform across the world)
    • MS Office
    • Gold Wave and other music editing software
  • Give learning sessions related to Maths, reasoning, English and Vocabulary.
  • Teach about different apps and platforms like Paytm, How to use Indian railway website, how to book air tickets, how to file ITR and so on.

Many people participate in these online training programs to learn and upgrade their skills. 


We believe that the best way to convey our views to people is through plays. The Audience feel engaged in plays and try to understand the important points being told through an interesting story. It is the reason we organize plays that have a meaning and purpose. We attend different programs with our team of participants to perform plays. The topic of play is always informative, inclusive and transforming the mindsets of people.  We believe plays have the power to change minds and create awareness in a playful and influential manner. All the participants in our plays are visually challenged so that the audience can relate to us. It is not just about practical plays but also about their webcast on our Radio Station. All the Plays are recorded for our listeners. 


Whenever there is an important matter, topic or movement, Radio Udaan tries to cover it. We spread a word about it and try to engage and impact maximum possible people. We go to rural areas to aware them about people with disabilities and the opportunities and provisions for disabled. Our campaigns are not just about disability but about the entire society. If the need arises we even conduct campaigns like save water campaigns and casting votes in election and so on.


In the present time everyone is burdened with responsibilities and office pressure. Amidst this stressful environment we organize picnics for people to bring lightness and liveliness in their lives. Our team members, listeners and whoever is interested can participate in these picnics. We go to different destinations in different cities. In this way we not just give an inclusive and fun filled experience to picnic goers but also make valuable memories with them.


Radio Udaan strongly feels that there are rights, provisions, laws and facilities for people with disabilities but what lacks is awareness. It is the reason we do advocacy and tell people about their rights and laws. We reach out to people and ask them about their problems and suggest them with a solution.  The motive is always to ensure that people know and understand about the laws, policies and rights that are made for them.

Insight Magazine

We also run a Magazine in collaboration  with Mitra Jyothi. It is an English quarterly magazine in Braille. This magazine is a unique platform that caters a variety of informative reading and gives the readers a chance to express their feelings, creativity and share their writings with visually impaired community.  It is a community driven magazine, and anyone can have a significant role as a reader, writer, and content contributor.  Yes, you heard it right if you too have flair for contribution and sharing your stuff; you too can contact us. This magazine is all about fun, learning, knowledge, reading, motivation and much more.