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Radio Udaan fourth Convention 28th January 2018 at Panchkula

After 3 successful national conventions in Delhi, Ludhiana and Hyderabad; this year we have a fruitful convention at Panchkula in Haryana. The event witnessed the presence of eminent chief guests and guests like: Shri T.D. Dhariyal: Disability commissioner of Delhi, Smt. Nandita Hooda: social worker, advocate and national level judo champion, Advocate Anju Sandhu, Ms. Madhu Singal: founder of Mitra Jyothi, Ms Preeti Monga (Representative of Enable travels), Mr. Vikram Dalmia (Husband of Anuradha Dalmia director of NIEPVD), Mr. Suchit Narang: well-known classical singer, radio and television artist. Mr. Jasbir Sandhu: political personality, Mr. Gautam Aggarwal: general secretary of NFB Karnataka, Sh. M.J. Saxena: managing director Ayurvet ltd, Sh. Pradip Burman: chairman Ayurvet ltd & their team and many people from media.

The convention witnessed a great crowd of people from our community and in general too. The day kicked off at a vibrant note with a melodious welcome song. The participants of this song prepared the song from different corners of India through skype. Next we had Inauguration Ceremony followed by welcome note by Mr. Danish; General Secretary of Radio Udaan. Ms. Divya hosted the entire convention.

Mr. TD Dhariyal shared some insightful information during his talks. Similarly all other guests shared some important pieces of experiences and information too. During the Honour Ceremony, the chief guests Mr. T D Dhariyal, Nandita Hooda and advocate Anju Sandhu gave away the trophies to RJs.

We had fruitful discussion on sexual abuse and women with disability: (where are the solutions?). Panellists kept forward their views and important points on this concept. There was even an interactive segment with the audience too. People came up with their questions and the panellists gave befitting answers. Many important points got discussed and the audience drew a good piece of knowledge. This discussion was hosted by Ms. Nisha and Mr. Danish.

Another great wow factor of this convention was the Stage play called Jazba by Radio Udaan presenters: directed by Mr. Danish Mahajan. The play came up with amazing points and concerns. Different perspectives and solutions were beautifully woven in this play. The play left the audience into cheer and a lot of applause. Another amazing session was of Mr. Ajinkya founder of Wednesday foundation. He did a session on self-employment and came up with some thought provoking points.

Of course, there was a lot of fun and enjoyment too. The convention ended with a pulsating game session. This game session was hosted by Mr. Ashish, Ms. Minal and Ms. Pooja. The participants won exciting gifts. Finally, the evening wrapped up with dance, cake cutting and dinner!

You can listen to different segments of this 4th National convention on our YouTube channel:











Udaan Idol Grand Finale 2017-2018

After months of musical battle and rounds, we finally had finale of Udaan Idol 2017-2018 on 27th January 2018. Udaan Idol was a musical hunt show for all the persons with disability presented by Enable Travels, co-powered by Sathi in association with NIEPVD, Blinds dream and Mitra Jyothi. It was organized by Radio Udaan. Out of more than 170 contestants only top 16 contestants could make it to the finale. The finale held at Jatt bhavan Panchkula.
This musical event of Udaan Idol was a majestic event and we had some amazing personalities present in the event. The day commenced with Sarasvati Vandana followed by introductions of the chief guests and judges. The chief guest of the day was Mr. MS Malik (Former deputy commissioner), Mr. Rattan Lal Kataria (MP from Ambala) and Ms Dolly Guleria (Famous Punjabi Folk Singer). The event witnessed the presence of other eminent guests too like: Shri T.D. Dhariyal: Disability commissioner of New Delhi, Ms. Madhu Singal: founder of Mitra Jyothi, Ms Preeti Monga (Representative of Enable travels), Mr. Vikram Dalmia(Husband of Mrs. Anuradha Dalmia director of NIEPVD), Mr. Suchit Narang: well-known classical singer, radio and television artist. Mr. Jasbir Sandhu: political personality, Mr. Gautam Aggarwal: general secretary of NFB Karnataka, Sh. M.J. Saxena: managing director Ayurvet ltd, Sh. Pradip Burman: chairman Ayurvet ltd & their team, Smt. Nandita Hooda: social worker, advocate and national level judo champion and many people from media and community.
Amidst these 16 mesmerising performances, there was a quick presentation by Ms. Swati and her team from Ayurvet ltd. They gave an enlightening and eye opening presentation about the fields they are working in. Similarly Ms. Preeti Monga (representative of Enable Travels) also gave a swift peep into the working and ideas of Enable Travels.
It is important to know that the finale of Udaan Idol was divided into two main segments. In first segment; top 16 contestants performed and out of them 8 contestants got into 2nd round.
The judges of this finale were:
– Ms Dolly Guleria (Famous Punjabi Folk Singer)
– Pandit Dinkar Sharma: well-known classical singer and radio and television artist
– Ms. Pratima Chaterjie: classical singer, radio and television artist
– Ms. Sharanjot Parmar: radio artist, television artist and lecturer in Govt. College for girls,
Judges who judged the Show before Finale were:
– Mr. Saif Rehman
– Mr. Puneet Soni
– Mr. Sanjeev Raju
– Mr. Lal Singh Thakur
We had top 16 contestants namely:
1. Ashwin Vaghmare from Maharashtra
2. Ankur Gupta from Delhi
3. Chetna Nagpal from Delhi
4. Deepna Das from Sikkim
5. Deeksha Vishvakarma from Uttarakhand
6. Dheeraj Borkar from Maharashtra
7. Geetika Lohat from Madhya Pradesh
8. Manglesh Kumar from Chandigarh
9. Muskaan Negi from Himachal Pradesh
10. Mamta Sharma from west Bengal
11. Raj Jain from West Bengal
12. Rehsam Talvaar from Delhi
13. Rohit Chauhan from Haryana
14. Sarika Shinde from Maharashtra
15. Savita Jaiswal from Gujrat
16. Sheeba Baig from Maharashtra.
The first round was before lunch and all the 16 contestants performed in it. Every performance was absolutely ruling and heart winning. With much difficulty and struggle; the judges could decide the eight contestants for the 2nd and the final round.
The contestants who could make to 2nd and the final round were:
1. Ankur Gupta from Delhi
2. Chetna Nagpal from Delhi
3. Sarika Shinde from Maharashtra
4. Sheeba Baig from Maharashtra.
5. Muskaan Negi from Himachal Pradesh
6. Dheeraj Borkar from Maharashtra
7. Deeksha Vishvakarma from Uttarakhand
8. Geetika Lohat from Madhya Pradesh
The final round was all about the choices of judges. Judges gave genre and songs to the contestants to perform on. All the 8 contestants put their best efforts and win the audience. The environment was so cheery and musical that guests stayed glued to the event throughout the day. After a long consideration and deep discussion; the judges came up with the 3 winners of Udaan Idol 2017-2018.
– The winner of Udaan Idol is Muskaan Negi from Himachal Pradesh. She has won a cash prize of 31 thousand rupees, a musical instrument, a trophy and a certificate.
– The first runner up is Dheeraj Borkar from Maharashtra. He has won a cash prize of 21 thousand rupees, a musical instrument, a trophy and a certificate.
– The second runner up is Sarika Shinde from Maharashtra. She has won a cash prize of 11 thousand rupees, a musical instrument, a trophy and a certificate.
All the top 16 participants received a certificate of appreciation, a trophy and a cash prize of 1100 rupees from Radio Udaan. Ms. Dolly Guleria along with other guests and judges gave away the prizes to winners and contestants.
The event ended up at a beautiful note as all the judges gave prestigious performances. The performance of Ms. Dolly Guleria left the entire hall amazed and hypnotised. Indeed, the event went out successful and all the people present therein had a great time.
PS: The event started with the energetic anchoring of Ms. Divya Sharma. And the entire finale of Udaan Idol was beautifully and dazzlingly hosted by Mr. Danish Mahajan and Ms. Jyoti Malik. The powerful wordings and fillers of hosts kept the show buzzing!



Mitra Jyothi along with Radio Udaan has started ‘Insight’, an English quarterly magazine in Braille. We have published the first edition of this magazine. It is a unique platform that caters to a variety of informative reading and gives you a chance to express yourself and share your writings with visually impaired community.  It is a community driven magazine, and anyone can play a significant role as a reader, writer, and content contributor. So, if you have a flair for writing, do share your writings.

The magazine comprises of articles written by visually impaired people and   articles from other sources. If you wish to contribute by sharing your thoughts or experiences, or have read something interesting that you would like us to publish, then ‘Insight’ offers just that space for you. We will help you with the review and editing to make the article print-ready. To make a submission for editions of the magazine, please email your contribution to

The following topics are featured in the magazine. Please feel free to make a submission for any of the topics. In case the article is from another source, please include reference of the source.

  1. From around the world/Happenings/Top stories:

This includes short two-line descriptions of some of the most important happenings from around the world, including sports, world events, award ceremonies, etc.

  1. The Motivators:

It has two narrations about achievers amongst us, and two stories of people anywhere in the world who have been or could be an inspiration for us.

  1. Technology:

This segment will be about technical solutions, reviews of gadgets and mobile apps, tips and tricks that may act as an enabler in the life of visually impaired people.

  1. Entertainment-movie and music reviews and updates:

It contains reviews and recommendations of movies, music albums, or other avenues of entertainment. Additionally, it may also include news from the world of entertainment.

  1. Health and Science:

This is about useful information such as home remedies, common practices to stay healthy, etc. It may also have the latest news from the world of science and health taken from featured journals/magazines.

  1. News and updates provided by Mitra Jyothi and radio Udaan:

In this corner, we present most relevant information from the world of disability and Government schemes, as well as initiatives started by us.

  1. General Knowledge:

This provides some mind jogging fun through quick, snappy questions and answers that are not only interesting but also challenge your wit.

  1. Lifestyle –Recipes, reviews, grooming and beauty tips:

Here you can find kitchen tips and tricks, recipes, and other related titbits. It also has reviews of restaurants and other eating places.  Additionally, it contains body care, grooming and beauty tips for both men and women.

  1. Reader’s corner / Short stories written by readers:

It provides an opportunity for writers amongst us to express their sensitivity, imagination and creative expression through short stories.

  1. Expressions in verse / poetry

This will be a collection of expression of poetic talent of people amongst us, as well as humorous and motivational one-liners.

Thank you for contributing.

Now for the subscription details:

Here are the Bank details for Magazine subscription transfer.

 Bank Details

Name: Mitra Jyothi Braille press

Bank: Union Bank of India

A/c No: 688602010001022

IFSC Code: UBIN0568864

Branch: NIFT Campus Bangalore

Braille Executive:

Name: Madhu R

Phone No:  9900285676


After they transfer the amount, they need to send an email with their complete postal address to our Braille Executive Madhu R. His email is

Happy Reading and Keep Contributing!

Radio Udaan 2nd Convention

Radio Udaan is an online radio station. It began its journey in the year 2014 with around 30 visually challenged radio jockeys (RJs). At present, the listener’s statistic is around 20,000.  Listeners from different countries listen to this station and participate in the shows.  The station caters variety of shows from Kitchen to technology, inspiration to fantasy, debates, discussions, game shows and what not. It celebrated its first convention on 30th January 2015 in New Delhi.
Recently, on 30th January 2016, Radio Udaan had its 2nd successful Radio Udaan Convention at Braille Bhawan, Ludhiana (Punjab).  Radio Jockeys and listeners from Hyderabad, Bangalore, Lucknow, New Delhi, Indore, Naya Nangal, Orissa and Chandigarh etc. became a part of this event.
The event commenced with Sarasvati Vandana. After the melodious beginning, the chief guests: Mr. Ranjit Singh Dhilon and Mrs. Virendar Singh Thandi shared their views related to Radio Udaan and Persons with Disabilities. All the RJs received appreciation awards by the guests.
Play: Ek Nayi Musibut
The cultural activities began with a powerful Play named ‘Ek Nayi Musibut’. RJs presented this play on matrimonial perspectives related to visually impaired people. The preparations of the play were done through internet/skype and the play was directed by RJ Danish Mahajan.  The actors include Danish, Jyoti , Sangeeta, Naresh and Gitesh. The play left the audience amidst the thoughts and humorous and witty dialogues enchanted the audience to the brim.
Different presentations added a spice of information and motivation to the event-
Mr. Ramesh Kumar Sareen shared valuable information regarding PWD policy, Mrs. Madhu Singhal talked about challenges being confronted by visually challenged women in the areas of education, job/career and marriage. Ms. Divya Sharma did a motivational session on the topic ‘Positive Inclusion’ and Mr. Mahesh told about a useful Toll Free Number.
Games and Entertainment
Mrs. Meenal Singhvi (Station Director) and Mr. Akhil Malahni came up with variety of games for all the people present in the convention. Everybody took an active part in the games. Even the winners got exciting prizes. After the game session, there was a cake cutting ceremony and a musical evening. People enthusiastically participated in the musical evening especially, Mr. balu Srivastava from UK gave harmonious performances. Finally the event came to an end with delicious Dinner.
Note: The overall music was arranged by Mr. Sanjeev and the stage was conducted by Mr. Ankit Rikra and Mr. Danish Mahajan. 
For pictures related to Convention, stay tuned.  Coming soon!

Diwali Celebrations 2015

On the occasion of Diwali,   Radio Udaan celebrated the Diwali evening with its listeners by organizing three hour long live transmission. The transmission began at sharp 7pm. At the very outset, Mr. Danish Mahajan and Mr. Bala welcomed all the listeners. In the first part of the celebration, we had our Diwali Pooja. The whole atmosphere filled with an aroma of divinity. The pooja went on for an hour. At 8pm, Tapas Bhardwaaj spoke   about this beautiful festival of lights. He shared his experience and knowledge with the listeners and the Udaan Family. Even the RJs like Rj Sandeep Trivedi, Rj Jyoti Malik, Rj Divya Sharma, Rj Ankit Rikra, Rj Naresh Kumar, RJ Geetesh etc actively participate in this transmission.
RJs and listeners shared many different things about this festival. Some of the participants  sang songs and shared pieces of shyari and poetry. The hour from 8 to 9 was full of zeel and sharing. Participants from different cities and states told about celebration going on in that region of globe. In this way, the whole Radio Udaan family and listeners had a festive taste of variety of places. Listeners shared valuable information about the main sweets in market in this festive season. Of course, Ladoos, Jalabis, Gulab jamoon, pinni, rusgulla etc all were on the Udaan menu. Really, the fragments of information from different areas made the transmission rich. Moreover, the great thing was that the listeners, who couldn’t join for voice talk, dropped their Diwali wishes and greetings. Throughout the celebration, the skype Id of Radio Udaan was flooded with text wishes and greetings. Even the full report on Diwali was presented for the listeners. From 9pm onwards, we had ‘Kavi Session’.  Kavi Dr. Dayal Panwaar, Anita Chaturvedi and Dr. S K Tarpathi packed this whole hour with the essence of poetry. All these activities denote that our listeners are full of talent and enthusiasm.
The transmission was full of entertainment, information, fun and love. We got a lot of love and affection of our listeners. We are glad that the participants took out time from their family festive celebrations and became a part of this incredible Diwali celebration.

White Cane Day Celebrations 15th October 2015

International White Cane Safety Day is celebrated every year since 1964. The white cane is a symbol of independence and strength of people with vision impairment. It highlights their abilities and achievements. Where many people have understood the significance of White Cane, still there is a wide range of people who don’t know what a white cane is. People have taboos that carrying a white cane is not a good thing or they feel embarrassed when they see their family members and friends walking with a white cane. However, the truth is that it is their ignorance that puts words in their mouth. To wipe this ignorance away and to create awareness about White Cane, Radio Udaan organized a live evening transmission.
Radio Udaan has always been celebrating almost all the festivals, days and events during its ongoing flight. Maintaining this thread, we celebrated International White Cane Safety Day on Thursday October 15th.  On this occasion, we had a two hour long live transmission.
During this transmission, Udaan family presented a report on White Cane Day. Listeners from different areas, cities, states and countries become a part of this transmission. A listener from France, for the first time, joined this live transmission on Radio Udaan. All the participants shared their views on white cane.  They shared their experiences and told everybody about the celebrations going on in their region. Even there were some listeners, who came to know about the importance of White Cane Day through this special transmission. Throughout the transmission, listeners kept on sending us text messages through skype. Even the core team and Rjs kept their personal views and talked about their similar experiences. Everybody exchanged their wishes and perspectives.
It really feels wonderful that the efforts of Radio Udaan are contributing in creating awareness amidst people at large. Every addition to their enlightenment is our award.  We are here not only to celebrate or entertain our listeners but we try to add more to their knowledge. Our listeners and well wishers are our assets.
Happy Reading and Keep Listening Radio Udaan!

15th August Celebrations

We all know that 15th August is celebrated as Independence Day of India. On this occasion, radio udaan organized a couple of activities for its listeners.
In the afternoon there was a beautiful arrangement of ‘Kavi Semailan’. This Semailan was hosted by RJ Saif and RJ Naresh.  The duration of this program was of two hours from 12pm to 2pm. Active participation by various poets made this poetic celebration a huge success. Some participants like Tarpathi Sir, Dayaal Sir etc actively took part in this program. The participation was not just confined to voice calls, even listeners constantly dropped in their views through Skype chat. This kavi Semailan proved that we have a variety of talented kavi’s / Poets out there.
Then we had many more exciting activities lined up in the evening. At sharp 7pm, we came up with a live transmission. This transmission went up to 9pm.
The hosts smoothly handled the whole program. RJs and listeners expressed their views and wishes. Some of the participants made this transmission musical by singing songs and delivering shayari. Through this transmission, we not only had a wonderful time but we too came to know about different independence celebrations going on in different areas of India. Participants told about the activities going on in their areas. Thus, these two hours were packed with fun and information.
This was not the end, from 9pm to 10pm we had a very encouraging, entertaining and meaningful play ‘Ek Pagaam Desh Ke Naam’. The play was written and directed by Danish Mahajan and edited by Jyoti Malik. In the beginning of the play, Amit Bhatt briefed about the motive of this play. He also informed the listeners about the names of all the participants of the play.  It won’t be wrong to say that every participant did an amazing acting. The names of the characters goes like- Danish Mahajan as Baljeet Singh, Jyoti malik  as Simranjeet Kaur, Manpreet kaur played the role of their mother and Ashok Mittal as their father. The other roles like Sarkari Pratenidhi – Saif Rehmaan, Abdul as Ahmed, Chacha – Ratikanta, Chachi- Monika jha,  Lt. Vikraam Singh – Puneet Soni, Baahdur – Bhushan Prabhu, Jogander Singh – Ankit Rikra, Ram Singh – Prakash  Yadaav, Sarjeet Singh – Naresh ,  Vishal – Kartik Sonay and Kulvant Kaur – Geeta Suman. This motivating play ended with a powerful moral. Indeed! It is apparent that actors put their hearts into their performances.  If you have missed this play, you can check out this link -
Next to this magnificent play was a game show by Ashish at sharp 10pm. The show was fully packed with fun and action. Listeners actively took part in this game and many prizes were also given to the winners.
As a whole, the day was full of emotions, wishes, poetry, music, talks, entertainment, morals, enjoyment and information. We cannot disagree that Radio Udaan family celebrated this day in the best possible way. Cheers to all the Listeners and Participants for the success of this event.

Special Transmission on Rakhsha Bandhan

We all know that Rakhsha Bandhan is a beautiful festival of sisters and brothers. On this day, every sister ties a rakhi on her brother’s wrist and they exchange sweets. This is not just a thread but a beautiful bond which deepens the love between brother-sister and brothers promise to take care of their sisters.
This Raksha bandhan, the 29th August, Radio Udaan too had a special transmission for its listeners. The duration of transmission was of two hours. The whole transmission was hosted by new RJs like RJ Anokha Ankit ,RJ subodh, RJ Naresh and RJ Bhushan. Listeners from all over the world took part in it. They shared their moments of Rakhi and added a flavor of variety in the show. Not only listeners but the RJs of Udaan Family also participated in it. Despite the odds of network issues, the transmission was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. There was an ambience of excitement. Everybody put their views about the festival and answered the questions triggered by hosts. Of course, there were many fun moments during the transmission too. Believe me; nobody dropped the chance to put forward their warm wishes. Skype ID of Radio Udaan was flooded by wishes and voice calls. It seemed like whole Radio Udaan and listeners at large were tied together with a thread of faith, love, support, cheer and happiness.


Finally, Radio Udaan has come up with an application for its listeners. We launched the Android and iPhone application on the occasion of 69thIndependence Day. At sharp 12am on 15 August, Radio Udaan family went on air and introduced its official application. Radio Udaan is trying its best to reach out to every individual. With this application, you can listen to all the shows; can visit our facebook page, Radio Udaan official website and much more.
This application is an Independence gift for our listeners. So, don’t hesitate to drop-in your feedbacks. For your views and feedbacks, you can write us through app, can mail us or you can also leave your feedbacks in the comment box below this article. We hope you will have a wonderful time using this application.  
For Android Users, Link is –   
For iPhone Users, link is –
All the best and Happy Listening

First National Convention of Radio Udaan (2015) organized by Udaan Welfare Society and Narayan Seva Sansthan

Radio Udaan has recently completed one year on 2nd February 2015. During this tremendous journey, the station has celebrated all the important festivals and days. If we talk about the monthly listeners’ statistics, it shuttles between 10 thousand to 15 thousand. Radio Udaan has also widened its wings across the

boundaries and is listened in around 115 countries.  Although all the members of Radio Udaan are equal and selflessly working towards the growth of Radio Udaan, yet there is a core team. The hierarchy goes like-   Minal Singhvi: Station Director, MS. Jyoti Malik: Programme Manager, MR. Danish Mahajan: General Secretary, MR. Saifur Rehman: Joint Secretary, MR. Rajeev Bhambri: Advisor.    MR. Balanagendran:

Media spokesperson.

Radio Udaan Society held its first National Convention at Ambedkar Bhawan, Panchkuiya Road , New Delhi on 31stJanuary 2015. The convention started at 10 am.   Shri  Awanish Awasthi , Joint Secretary, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, was the Chief Guest. Some other special guests present to grace the occasion were Shri  Lal Kaul( Gen. Secretary AICB), 

 Shri  Santosh Kumar Rungta(  Gen. secretary NFB) , Shri   Dipendra Manocha (Managing Trustee of Saksham),  Shri   Pravanjan  Sahu (In-charge of Delhi branch of Narayan Seva Sansthan),  Dr. R.K. Sarin (Gen Secretary Progressive Society),  Shri   Amrik Singh  (President of J&K Association of Tour

Operators) , Smt. Amarjeet Kaur (National Secretary , Communist  Party of India) and Shri  Prashant Tandan.

The convention started with  Sarasvati Vandana  presented by Monika Jha, Jyoti Malik, Saifur Rehman and Bhushan Prabhu. After that , the program progressed with a welcome note by Danish Mahajan. The note comprised all the essential  information about the activities and aims of Radio Udaan. Thereafter, the guests shared their valuable views with the audience and gave their best wishes for the elevated flight of Radio Udaan. Then the RJs presented a Play “Ek Naya Savera” written and directed by Mr. Danish Mahajan.  The play conveyed a  significant and  enlightening message. The unique thing about this play was that it was prepared by the RJs through internet with the help of skype. It was the first time that the RJs practically executed the play  and there was no prior practice on the stage. The characters in the play were:   Manohar Lal (Mr.Danish

Mahajan),  Janki Devi( Ms.  Swati Saxena),  Bhawana (Ms. Jyoti Malik),  Sunder Lal( Mr. Anant Dhaiya),  Sangeeta (Ms. Monika Jha), Payal( Ms. Divya Sharma), Campaigner/Teacher ( Ms.  Nikita Patil) and  Narrator ( Mr. Amit Bhatt). Just after the play, all the RJs present in the convention were awarded by the Chief Guest in appreciation of their voluntary contribution and dedication to Radio Udaan.

Next, there was a Presentation session by Ms . Divya Sharma. The topic of the presentation was “Building Self esteem.”   There was a game session also for cheering up the audience. The Game shows were hosted by Mrs. Minal Singhvi and Mr. Ashish Singla. The good thing about these activities was that all the people present there actively participated in these. 
And finally, the convention ended up on an enthusiastic  note  with a cultural program. The management, RJs and all the spectators enjoyed the dance and songs. People came up with their solo songs and all danced together on the beats of Radio Udaan.  The convention was anchored   by Mr. Amit Bhatt, Mr. Danish Mahajan and Mr. Saifur Rehman. The entire music was given by Anant Dhaiya and Party.