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About Us

Radio Udaan is a pedestal of infotainment, sparkle, enchantment, glisten, glitter and a supernatural breeze of paradise that aims to kiss your eardrums via cool unsullied programs.

An online radio station ‘produced and webcast’ by the persons with visual challenges, Radio Udaan hovers across more than 100 countries and envelops more than 20,000 listeners every month. It is fashioned with a purpose of serving listeners by providing information coupled with entertainment through radio programs by the Radio Jockeys of Radio Udaan. the addresses will get a concoction of reimbursements in the form of

  • Mrs. Confusion,
  • Point of you,
  • Community Colours,
  • Kagas Kalam Dawat,
  • Ek Mulakaat,
  • Book World,
  • The World this Week,
  • Inspirational Wings,
  • Weekly Debates and Discussions,

music beautification such as

  • Bollywood Blast,
  • Sham-e-ghazal,
  • Udaan Top Ten,

shows of diverse importance like

  • Sports Center,
  • Post Mortem,
  • Zindagi Khubsurat Hai,
  • Tech City,
  • Nazrana pyaar ka and so forth.

The proceedings of all shows will be delivered either in English, or in Hindi, or bilingual.

Since the inception till date, Radio Udaan has touched the horizons which none have hitherto been dared in the history of Internet Radio. From a collaborator to a radio partner, Radio Udaan has expanded its wings and now stands as the ‘voice of the disabled and conscience of the society.’

All the exertions of Radio Udaan such as

  • Web designing,
  • Web hosting,
  • Radio Jockeying and much more

have been put in by the people with visual defiance. If you are a person who is looking to have the renaissance of life through resuscitation, we are glad to guarantee that you will have it by being the listener of Radio Udaan. This is ‘a Lobby for Listeners and the Lane for Performers. If you want to feel the airborne of your mind and soul from the world of stress to the world of bliss, do nothing but listen to Radio Udaan.


Our Achievements

From the time when it was launched, Radio Udaan has wrapped the vast majority of people from different walks of life. We enfold the repute because of the following:

  • Workshops in focus on inclusion and better socialization of the disabled,
  • Special lectures and motivational talks of our representatives in schools and institution for better awareness and opportunities available for the disabled,
  • The first convention held in collaboration with Narayan Sewa Sansthan in New Delhi in the year 2015,
  • Second Convention held in Ludhiana with self-sufficiency in the year 2016,
  • Met the honorable Union Human Resources Development Minister Mrs. Smriti Irani and explained the necessity of changing the education pattern of the visually impaired,
  • Met the honorable Union Information and Broadcasting Minister for the need of Internet Radio Laws in India,
  • Given online training on Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) to the visually impaired and made more than 200 individuals to attain independent access of technology,
  • Given training to those who are interested in becoming RJ of Radio Udaan and made them eligible to be employed as a Radio Jockey in commercial Radios,
  • Started live coverage of events pertaining to the visually impaired and made the listeners across 100 countries to know of the developments in India,
  • Started to function as a ‘Radio Partner’ to the organizations who are with real zeal and vision in the development,
  • Techshare 2016 is the one example for our Radio Partnership,
  • Functioning as a promotional tool for the entities that are serving for the disabled (Visually Impaired).


Our Objectives

Establishment of Radio Udaan was due to a vision in mind and grit in action. We firmly believe in “If you think you can, or you can’t, you are right”. hence we’ve kept our goals to be attained in the first place and moved towards the commencement of Radio Udaan. Some of our major objectives are

  • Provide opportunity to the talents who are not recognized by the common mass-media,
  • Be the caterer of information and awareness to the disabled (Visually Impaired) and the non-disabled to make the society more inclusive, and accessible,
  •  Be the pioneer of change and development in the education, employment, entrepreneurship and matrimony of the disabled,
  • Shoulder justice and rights of the disabled,
  • Reach out to the masses (disabled/non-disabled) and help both of them to understand each other for cooperative social livelihood,
  • Be the propagator of ‘Rights-based approach rather than needs-based approach,
  • Be the watchdog of the human rights and the civil society organization for and of the disabled,

Reach to the governments (state and Union) and propagate about the necessity of inclusive education and the need for paradigm shift in the system of education.