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Udaan Idol Season 4

Once again, Radio Udaan is here with the 4th season of Udaan Idol. Our excitement sees no bounds when we experience our audience's love, participation and keenness. Initially, we never thought Udaan Idol would witness such a great response. Today, after three successful seasons, we are even more enthusiastic about taking it to the next level.



Radio Udaan A Flight Of Life

Radio Udaan is an exclusive and inclusive online radio station for people with disabilities. It was launched in the year 2014. Our station runs under ‘Udaan Empowerment Trust and it is heard in more than 115 countries and is run by an enthusiastic team of visually challenged RJs and team members. It is the only type of Radio Station that is run by disabled people and it’s been more than five years that our station is catering listeners a huge range of shows. We are listened to in more than 115 countries and our monthly listener statistics shuttle between 15,000 to 20,000 listeners. Click here to read more…