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RJ Minal


Name: Meenal Singhvi

Age: oups 1 more day past away

Gender: Female

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Marital Status: Married

Languages Known:         Hindi, English, Telegu, Marwari

Present City: Hyderabad

State: Telangana

Country: India

Educational Qualification: Graduate

Presently Working As: director of radio udaan & junior assistant in DC office.


Strengths: strong logical skills

Weakness: too emotional and my daughter

Achievements: loving and caring husband

Futuristic Goals: to make sure that radio udaan attains the highest level among all the on-line radios and play an active role in women empowerment

Perception In Life: We need better glasses because almost everywhere I look, people seem to have two faces..

Hobbies: listening to music, learning new things, fighting

RJ-ing Style/Speciality: still confused


Height: perfect match with my hubby

Weight: Can’t fly in the air

Fashion:   difficult to describe [as changes

Passions: creative and active player,

I Love: positiveness

I Hate: negativeness

Tag Line: living in loving heart

Nature: short tempered

Favourite Quotation: LIFE has many great way options…… YOU DON’T ve to always pick what seems to be the BEST? Just pick whatever makes you HAPPY…

Humourous Moment Of Life: every movement is HUMOUROUS in my life

Touching Moment Of Life: the moment when I was bless with a baby girl

Current Show Hosting:
Techcity/Maano ya na mano
About Me:

Describing myself is like counting the stars in the sky [, at it has no end]

“I am not saying that I am Special…

I am just one of God’s Limited Editions..!!!:-)

Messege For Listeners:

Living Alone is really better than living with fake people, who hate you but act like loving you, so be honest with your relations otherwise leave them….


Pleas pleas pleas pleas keep listening our radio. Always be with us



Mobile Number: 8886523455

Skype I.D.: m.singhvi

Facebook Page:

Twitter: minalsinghvi5