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Aaysha Ansari
RJ Aaysha
Aaysha (Ansari) is an enthusiastic learner and storyteller; and hosts the show "Musafir Hoon Yaron", every Saturday 09-10 pm. The show is based on real life experiences, short stories, Nazms, Poems and Old School Songs
She is 25 (F), working as Lecturer at a reknown management institute in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. She also has published a short fiction book "Tanz: Sone ka Pinjara" and has huge interest in literature, music, writing, psychology, Chaai and long walks on empty roads as well. She is MBA, MEd, Psychology Student and currently studying Hindi Literature.
She has performed at various stages and told stories that can engage larger audience, tales that relates to almost every individual in this world and experiences that can show us a complete different view on things.
Aaysha believes that we all are surrounded by stories, we just need to identify and learn from those.
In her free time, Aaysha enjoys reading books and listening old Bollywood songs.
Purana Sandook, Musaafir, Tapri wali Chaai, Radio aur Purane Galiyare are some of her favourite entities in this world.
She quotes "Mere baad zamane Tanz kase, aisa kuch to chahiye na. Kuch kahanaiya likhi to honi chahiye na".