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Listeners Stats

Monthly Listener’s Stats

Radio Udaan feels Ebullient to reveal the constant appreciations and path-breaking motivations of its fervent listeners. Since the inception of this wonderful
online platform of discovering and displaying the hidden talents to the limelight, Radio Udaan has crossed the domestic boundaries and reached people from different walks of life from various countries. Below is the statistical report of listeners of Radio Udaan on monthly  basis.


Statistics for reporting period: Last 30 day(s)

Metric Value Metric Value
Total listener minutes 121204 minute(s) Total data transfer 92.3 GB
Total listening hours (TLH) 2020.07 Average data transfer 8 MB
Total sessions 17980 session(s) Unique listeners 17338 listener(s)
ASCAP music sessions 18717 session(s) Unique countries 123 countries
Average session length 6.7 minute(s)

Updated on 6th of august, 2016.