Our Key shows


Technology is always changing and learning about new things is great. Know about what is new in Tech in the show TechCity by RJ Meenal Singhvi. This show is a treat for people who love technology. Listen to this show every Thursday 9 to 10pm and repeat Friday 4 to 5pm only on Radio Udaan.

Vocabulary Dose

Are you struggling to communicate effectively because of a limited vocabulary? Enhance your language skills and become a more confident speaker by expanding your word knowledge. Tune in to Vocabulary Dose, a weekly show hosted by RJ Logophile Divya Sharma on Radio Udaan. Each episode features 16 new words to add to your vocabulary arsenal.

Community Colours

RJ Gauri brings to you the show Community Colours. This show keeps you updated about all the news in the disability sector. One hour of show will keep you informed about everything that you should know about the world. Listen to this show every Friday 9 to 10pm and repeat Saturday 4 to 5pm only on Radio Udaan.

Badalta Daur

Welcome to Badalta Daur, a show hosted by RJ Danish Mahajan that brings you discussions and debates on a variety of trending topics that matter and make a difference, including those related to the disability community.

Coverage of Disability Events.

Radioudaan has also been committed to covering events and issues related to disabilities within the community. We have featured stories and interviews with individuals with disabilities and covered events such as disability rights rallies and conferences.