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Registration Form

Convention Registration Form

After successful payment, Please fill out the below registration form in order to get registered at the 4th meet of Radio Udaan.
Note: All the fields are mandatory.

Register for Udaan Idol and Radio Udaan Convention

  • Kindly note the below points in view of the proposed event:

    1. Transport facility such as pick and drop arrangement is not being provided to the members from our side at any time or any point during this event.

    2. The said registration amount does not include any fare for Train ticket, flight fare or any charges for any road transportation for the participants. This means members have to make their transportation or travel arrangement on their own.

    3. The food facility for the members with accommodation will be made available from the evening of 26th January 2018 till morning of 29th January 2018.

    4. Use of alcohol in any form by any mean will not be allowed in the convention premises.

    5. Once you have registered for the event, the deposited amount will not be refunded.

    6. Breach of any of the above terms and conditions will make one face legal consequences…