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Diwali Celebrations 2015

On the occasion of Diwali,   Radio Udaan celebrated the Diwali evening with its listeners by organizing three hour long live transmission. The transmission began at sharp 7pm. At the very outset, Mr. Danish Mahajan and Mr. Bala welcomed all the listeners. In the first part of the celebration, we had our Diwali Pooja. The whole atmosphere filled with an aroma of divinity. The pooja went on for an hour. At 8pm, Tapas Bhardwaaj spoke   about this beautiful festival of lights. He shared his experience and knowledge with the listeners and the Udaan Family. Even the RJs like Rj Sandeep Trivedi, Rj Jyoti Malik, Rj Divya Sharma, Rj Ankit Rikra, Rj Naresh Kumar, RJ Geetesh etc actively participate in this transmission.
RJs and listeners shared many different things about this festival. Some of the participants  sang songs and shared pieces of shyari and poetry. The hour from 8 to 9 was full of zeel and sharing. Participants from different cities and states told about celebration going on in that region of globe. In this way, the whole Radio Udaan family and listeners had a festive taste of variety of places. Listeners shared valuable information about the main sweets in market in this festive season. Of course, Ladoos, Jalabis, Gulab jamoon, pinni, rusgulla etc all were on the Udaan menu. Really, the fragments of information from different areas made the transmission rich. Moreover, the great thing was that the listeners, who couldn’t join for voice talk, dropped their Diwali wishes and greetings. Throughout the celebration, the skype Id of Radio Udaan was flooded with text wishes and greetings. Even the full report on Diwali was presented for the listeners. From 9pm onwards, we had ‘Kavi Session’.  Kavi Dr. Dayal Panwaar, Anita Chaturvedi and Dr. S K Tarpathi packed this whole hour with the essence of poetry. All these activities denote that our listeners are full of talent and enthusiasm.
The transmission was full of entertainment, information, fun and love. We got a lot of love and affection of our listeners. We are glad that the participants took out time from their family festive celebrations and became a part of this incredible Diwali celebration.
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