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White Cane Day Celebrations 15th October 2015

International White Cane Safety Day is celebrated every year since 1964. The white cane is a symbol of independence and strength of people with vision impairment. It highlights their abilities and achievements. Where many people have understood the significance of White Cane, still there is a wide range of people who don’t know what a white cane is. People have taboos that carrying a white cane is not a good thing or they feel embarrassed when they see their family members and friends walking with a white cane. However, the truth is that it is their ignorance that puts words in their mouth. To wipe this ignorance away and to create awareness about White Cane, Radio Udaan organized a live evening transmission.
Radio Udaan has always been celebrating almost all the festivals, days and events during its ongoing flight. Maintaining this thread, we celebrated International White Cane Safety Day on Thursday October 15th.  On this occasion, we had a two hour long live transmission.
During this transmission, Udaan family presented a report on White Cane Day. Listeners from different areas, cities, states and countries become a part of this transmission. A listener from France, for the first time, joined this live transmission on Radio Udaan. All the participants shared their views on white cane.  They shared their experiences and told everybody about the celebrations going on in their region. Even there were some listeners, who came to know about the importance of White Cane Day through this special transmission. Throughout the transmission, listeners kept on sending us text messages through skype. Even the core team and Rjs kept their personal views and talked about their similar experiences. Everybody exchanged their wishes and perspectives.
It really feels wonderful that the efforts of Radio Udaan are contributing in creating awareness amidst people at large. Every addition to their enlightenment is our award.  We are here not only to celebrate or entertain our listeners but we try to add more to their knowledge. Our listeners and well wishers are our assets.
Happy Reading and Keep Listening Radio Udaan!
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