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15th August Celebrations

We all know that 15th August is celebrated as Independence Day of India. On this occasion, radio udaan organized a couple of activities for its listeners.
In the afternoon there was a beautiful arrangement of ‘Kavi Semailan’. This Semailan was hosted by RJ Saif and RJ Naresh.  The duration of this program was of two hours from 12pm to 2pm. Active participation by various poets made this poetic celebration a huge success. Some participants like Tarpathi Sir, Dayaal Sir etc actively took part in this program. The participation was not just confined to voice calls, even listeners constantly dropped in their views through Skype chat. This kavi Semailan proved that we have a variety of talented kavi’s / Poets out there.
Then we had many more exciting activities lined up in the evening. At sharp 7pm, we came up with a live transmission. This transmission went up to 9pm.
The hosts smoothly handled the whole program. RJs and listeners expressed their views and wishes. Some of the participants made this transmission musical by singing songs and delivering shayari. Through this transmission, we not only had a wonderful time but we too came to know about different independence celebrations going on in different areas of India. Participants told about the activities going on in their areas. Thus, these two hours were packed with fun and information.
This was not the end, from 9pm to 10pm we had a very encouraging, entertaining and meaningful play ‘Ek Pagaam Desh Ke Naam’. The play was written and directed by Danish Mahajan and edited by Jyoti Malik. In the beginning of the play, Amit Bhatt briefed about the motive of this play. He also informed the listeners about the names of all the participants of the play.  It won’t be wrong to say that every participant did an amazing acting. The names of the characters goes like- Danish Mahajan as Baljeet Singh, Jyoti malik  as Simranjeet Kaur, Manpreet kaur played the role of their mother and Ashok Mittal as their father. The other roles like Sarkari Pratenidhi – Saif Rehmaan, Abdul as Ahmed, Chacha – Ratikanta, Chachi- Monika jha,  Lt. Vikraam Singh – Puneet Soni, Baahdur – Bhushan Prabhu, Jogander Singh – Ankit Rikra, Ram Singh – Prakash  Yadaav, Sarjeet Singh – Naresh ,  Vishal – Kartik Sonay and Kulvant Kaur – Geeta Suman. This motivating play ended with a powerful moral. Indeed! It is apparent that actors put their hearts into their performances.  If you have missed this play, you can check out this link -
Next to this magnificent play was a game show by Ashish at sharp 10pm. The show was fully packed with fun and action. Listeners actively took part in this game and many prizes were also given to the winners.
As a whole, the day was full of emotions, wishes, poetry, music, talks, entertainment, morals, enjoyment and information. We cannot disagree that Radio Udaan family celebrated this day in the best possible way. Cheers to all the Listeners and Participants for the success of this event.

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