Insight, A braille magazine

Mitra Jyothi along with Radio Udaan has started ‘Insight’, an English quarterly magazine in Braille. It is a unique platform that caters a variety of informative reading and give you a chance to express yourself and share your writings with visually impaired community.  It is a community driven magazine, and anyone can play a significant role as a reader, writer, and content contributor. So, if you have a flair for writing, do share your writings.

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A trip through online Radio

Radio Udaan (A trip through online radio) is to expand the providence of your bliss, to amplify the essence of your life, to magnify the epitome of your tranquility, to burnish your day and night and to ascend your choice to lead a stress free productive life via listening.


Here you will get informations and entertainment through radio waves from independent household activities to the issues of societal significance. enhance, expand, entice are the ultimate objectives of radio Udan to widen your wings of happiness by means of radio programmes....
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